Welcome to Conversations in Christ

Free Indeed!

“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. Jn 8:36 Folks, Jesus made us free while on the cross! This website and our radio broadcast is all about proclaiming the good news that all of us have been freed from slavery to sin, death, hell and the grave and freed to live the victorious life that we have been given. We are no longer in bondage to laws and rules that we must keep in order to please God. We are under the “law” of love in Jesus Christ and that is the epitome of freedom.

Who and What We Believe

Jesus claims to be the “I AM” and we believe He is God personified. He is the expressed being of God as a human–He is true humanity! Jesus is “all in all” and therefore He is all we need. He is our reconciliation, justification, salvation, sanctification and righteousness; and not ours only, but yours as well! God has put us into union with Jesus Christ; therefore, all that He is, we are! 1 John 4:17

Why We Do What We Do

We are just three ordinary men who have been given a passion to share the message of grace with anyone who cares to listen. We have nothing to sell and nothing to join. All believers are already joined together in Christ and all have been joined to His church which just happens to be all of us including you! Religions have been obscuring this message of grace for far too long by causing many to think that a building and the organization it houses is the church and that the Christian life is about keeping rules and trying to become better. We are happy to declare that the church is us–a living, breathing organism–enabling us to worship within ourselves 24/7 and corporately with others and that the Christian life is simply trusting in Jesus Christ with whom we are in union and allowing him to live his life through us! We are thrilled to be among an ever growing number of folks who are also proclaiming this message and we thank God for
allowing us to participate.