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He must increase but I must decrease— That’s what was said that day. For John beheld the Lamb of God, Who would take the world’s sin away! Salvation’s not what I believe, Salvation was God’s plan. Salvation is not what I do, Salvation is a man—Jesus! He alone should be my joy, For this man has set me free. It’s ...

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The Three Temptations of Christ

When we look at leadership qualities for the ministry, we need to look no further than the life Jesus demonstrated during His time on earth. Everything He did was out of dependence upon the Father and because of that, everything He did generated spiritual success. He reminded His followers the following words when they would ask where the source of ...

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A Biblical Ministry Model

A Biblical Ministry Model The Protestant Reformation had its roots in trying to dismantle sacerdotalism within the Roman Catholic Church. Such men like Calvin and Luther understood the fallacy of Catholic priests being placed in the role as mediators between God and His people and using sacraments as their means for control. Yet both of these men, along with most ...

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Explaining our Continuous Prayer Life to Others

Explaining our Continuous Prayer Life to Others Instructed to Accomplish it Myself, (The Old Covenant Approach = Works) When I began my Christian life I was told, “It is all about Jesus at this point. However, it didn’t take long before I was instructed to take on my spiritual development as if it was all about me. After I had ...

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Expect To Pray Unceasingly

The Expectation to Pray Unceasingly “A Normal Spiritual Life” God raises the bar beyond human accomplishment to an uninterrupted conversation with Him. He creates a commitment of constant communication with us as we participate in the benefits of the New Covenant. World religions drive followers to seek out little windows of prayer time during the day. Mandatory dress requirements, kneeling ...

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The Purpose for Spiritual Rest

The Purpose for Spiritual Rest There is a reason for what is called in Christian circles, “The Sabbath Rest.” Believers put their lives into God’s “center of influence” (COI), and He completes the work of justification (forgiveness of sins and entry into new life), sanctification (completed spiritual development that matches the life of Christ), and then glorification, the total inheritance ...

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