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He must increase but I must decrease—
That’s what was said that day.
For John beheld the Lamb of God,
Who would take the world’s sin away!

Salvation’s not what I believe,
Salvation was God’s plan.
Salvation is not what I do,
Salvation is a man—Jesus!

He alone should be my joy,
For this man has set me free.
It’s not what I do for God,
It’s what God has done for me.

But surely there’s something I can do,
To help God’s plan succeed
This man Jesus can’t do it all,
Surely something from me, He’ll need.

Surely My faith, My belief, My Permission is required,
Before God’s plan can take effect.
Or can “the Finished Work of the Cross”
Be stopped, simply through my neglect?

But I fell when Adam fell,
Ungodly and sinner I became.
My salvation came through a virgin birth,
Jesus was his saving name.

He came not because I asked him to,
Nor because I sought him out.
It was because, “God who is Love”,
Saw my need and sought me out.

Two thousand years before I appeared
He died for my sins and grief,
He came to seek and save the lost,
His mercy and grace brought relief.

The whole world had fallen,
And creation was undone.
His plan was to create it all anew,
And He did it in His son.

For we are saved—saved by grace through faith,
And that faith is not our own,
It is the faithfulness of Jesus himself,
He’s now seated with God on His throne.

Accepted in the beloved,
For he paid the total bill.
Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ,
And “nothing” ever will.

Grace, Grace, Marvelous Grace,
So wonderful to watch it unfold.
The glorious, precious Love of God,
The greatest Love story ever told.

The good news of the gospel,
Is that our savior and our friend,
Dwells within ALL mankind,
And His Love will NEVER END.
Bc—Bill Carpenter
Copyright Sept. 13, 2017

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